Electric cars to run on Indian roads very soon.


Electric cars have been making rounds in the automotive industry over the recent years and India is no exception for it keeping the exhausting fossil fuels in mind. AutoExpo 2018 held in India is all set to become the stage for the upcoming electric vehicle models which will be launched by the well-known automakers like Suzuki.

Though the companies limited themselves to the concept models, these future electric cars are no less than the present designs. Primarily, India is moving towards renewable energy resources and automobiles are also changing themselves towards the same. India, though lately started towards this revolution, Our automakers are trying their level best to stand equally with international standards.

These are the few concept models from the AutoExpo 2018:

Suzuki Future Concept-S

This is the first ever model by Suzuki having totally an in-house design. This would slightly remind us of the Renault KWID but the concept is often different from the commercial one. The Design is very different with high ground clearance and colour schemes.

The company has decided to give a fresh definition of the hatchback and compact cars segment. The head and tail lights are very sleek in design and the LED lights run all around the front grille, fog lamps and front bumper.


Suzuki Concept e-Survivor

This would be the first off-road vehicle from Suzuki which would be slightly having the DNA of the Mahindra Thar. This electric car would be having an All-wheel Drive system. There would be having Autonomous Driving Technology but the company has to still clear the level of advancement.

The company feels that it would be and a driving assist and it would also have Smart Hybrid Vehicle System with auto start/stop button.

Honda Sports EV Concept

The Fully sports-oriented model which is very fascinating with its sporty design and comes with a ton of features and user-friendly technology. This sports vehicle though can be altered but still would obviously stand differently amongst many vehicles on the road. The car gets a digital screen on the front and the back where the charging percentage, Honda’s logo and the LED lights are present.

Honda NeuV Concept

The all-new electric hatchback model that is being built totally inter-city travel purposes comes with all new and interesting design language which is being built with Honda Automated Network Assistant (HANA). This technology is built for identifying the driver’s feelings and emotions and change the driving modes accordingly.

The car is very simple with a symmetrical design and all glossy black shades over the major part of the model. This new model is going to come with a huge load of features while the list of them is yet to become final by the company.

Renault ZOE E-Sport Concept

Yet, another hatchback model from Renault, this model is equally stylish with its latest model “Captur”. Displayed in satin blue and bright yellow highlights, this car is very sporty and stylish. The hatchback is very stylish and gives the essence of the sportiness with a 20-inch alloy rear wheels. The car has a very good weight to power ratio that can make it give out 640Nm torque. The car can run to 100kmph in just 3.2seconds.

There is another new concept in the display by Renault’s Design Academy based in India which is very new in terms of design and appreciable amongst others.

Hyundai IONIQ electric

This model is very different from others in terms of design but still stands very well in comparison to others. This model would be coming in three different variants and three electric powertrain options. The company claims that the hybrid version would churn 43bhp power and 169Nm torque. The all-electric version would be developing 118bhpm power. The power would be from a 28KWh Lithium-ion-polymer battery.

Though these electric models are very impressive and attractive, the list of technologies and specifications is still to be confirmed. The present model would obviously take time to start running on Indian roads. As many believe there could much more changes in the design and specifications.

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