40 percent sales growth in India, Volvo claims


Volvo claims that their sales in India have grown to a record score of 2194 units in the period of January-October 2018, accounting to a total growth of 40 percent year-on-year.

The Swedish automaker says that it is all because of their XC60 and the all-new XC40 SUV models. Interestingly, the lead model for the new- gen Volvo models has less percent in contribution to the total sales.

Volvo also says that their expansion in other regions of the country has also contributed to their sales growth. Volvo has inaugurated five more new showrooms in Kozhikode, Raipur, Kolkata, Indore, and Noida.  With this step, the total count has increased to 24  in 22 number of cities till October 2018.

Press Statement:

“We are extremely happy with our performance so far in 2018. The network expansions, too, have contributed to the growth and we are on track to replicate the percentage of the previous year 2018. We are happy that our new Volvo XC40 model has contributed a lot to this success rate. We would be continuing our efforts for much higher performance for the coming years  “, says Charles Frump, MD, Volvo Car India.


The company also says that their new XC40 has been well received by their Indian customers and are happy that their step into the entry-level luxury segment is a success. There is also a significant growth in the total volumes in the first nine months of the year 2018.  From 1413 units in 2017 to 1896 units i.e. up by 34 percent.

In contrast, Mercedes Benz has significantly sold 11,789 units in Jan-Sep 2018 period which is down by 0.7 percent. Whereas, the other key rival recorded a total of 11 percent for a total of 7,915 units.

Volvo has been in the people of the higher section of society from the time of their new design launch. The S90, V40 cross country, and the flagship model XC90 are being well by the Indian Community. 

Though Volvo has a huge following in the segment of Bus and trucks, it took tough time for the company to gain such response in the luxury car sector which was easier for it in the European and Western parts of the world.

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