Amendment to Motor Vehicle Act: Here’s all you need to know about the changes


If you have been driving on Indian roads, it is nothing less than an adventure. However, things get difficult while driving on city roads. The drivers on Indian roads do not recognize the significance of protective driving. Alternatively, switching lanes without a sign and overtaking from the wrong side. Therefore, some amends have been made in the Motor Vehicle Act, 1989, brought into October 01, 2020.

The Union ministry of road transport and highways has notified these new rules. “Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MoRTH) has recently issued notifications regarding various amendments in Central Motor Vehicle Rules 1989 requiring the implementation of enforcement, Maintenance of Vehicular Documents and E-Challans through portal w.e.f 1.10.2020 for better monitoring and enforcement of MV Rules,” MoRTH said in a statement. The IT services and electronic monitoring will result in stabler implementation of traffic rules and manage to save drivers from harassment and promote the citizens.

Here are the Key Things to remember:

1. According to the new act, you don’t need to carry physical documents’ baggage. Perhaps, you can keep the soft copy of your driving license and additional papers while driving.

NOTE: Now, if and when a police officer asks for your driving license or other concerned documents, you can also show them soft copies.

2. Carrying vehicle license, registration certificate, insurance documents, etc. These documents will not be required from October if these documents are verified through a government portal.

3. The documents must be uploaded on Digi-locker or m-Parivahan. Both these applications are available in any play store once you have registered through their mobile number.

3. A driving license will also be carried in digitally.

4. Records of the license being disqualified, etc., will also be digitally carried.

5. E-challans will be issued through the web portal. The e-challan will also be administered through the government’s digital portal to those found breaking the traffic rules.

6. Drivers can only use smartphones for route navigation while driving.

According to the official notification, the drivers’ and police officers’ identities will be updated in the portal. Every time a driver or vehicle is examined, the records will also be updated on the portal. It will prevent your car from repeatedly checking, easing the traffic on the road, and save yourself from getting stuck in checkpointing.

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