BMW X7- The new flagship SUV, set to create a new benchmark.


BMW launches its all-new X7 making it the flagship model in the fleet. With the launch of the model, X7 has set many new benchmarks in the luxury SUV segment. The all-new X7 is very unique in design, size, and technology.

The best and the first thing to notice is the front signature kidney grille which way bigger in size now. There are many vents on the front with impressive crease and cuts. The nose grille gets silver accents and gives a majestic look to the vehicle. Contrasting to the massive grille the slim LED treated headlight units are quite stylish. Well certainly comes a doubt whether the grille is being odd or not?

At the first look one can surely notice the odd factor but after knowing the magic in the model one will definitely appreciate the change. Also, the biggest achievement for BMW is the projection of the massive model in a simple design. On the other hand, the new X7 is very distinctive when compared to its competitors.

Body Design:

As said that the first look will definitely give an odd feeling but a later analysis will be equally satisfying. The air intake vents at the bottom come with a chrome finish and look massive too. While going to the side, one cannot resist appreciating BMW’s designing style. The massive body perfectly blends with the simple style. Interestingly, X7 is the biggest SUV in its range with a 3105mm wheelbase. At 5,151mm long, 2000 mm wide and 1,805 mm, tall X7 is bigger than the Range Rover, Audi Q7 and the Benz GLC too.

The slowly crusing hood merges with the high running roof that goes straight making the large wheels look small too. At the back, one can notice the continuation slim styled LED taillights with bold chrome bar and simple, plain going boot. One should appreciate the designing of the complicated heavy SUV giving a simple body look.


On a whole one will get an impression that BMW is making its X7 look way small and simple in every way it can. The interiors are also an addition to the same effect. Well, one will expect to have a fully equipped dashboard from this kind of SUV but the magic happens again. TheDashboard is very impressive with premium plastics, wooden finish, and leather cuts. The interiors look appealing with minimalistic features covering the dash. The A/C vents are large with 12.3 inches fully touchscreen infotainment system with increased user interface functionalities, fully digital instrument cluster, and a full range of driver assistance systems, gesture control, and Apple CarPlay.

Another loving thing is the second seating with an option of two or three seating. The second row gets two caption seats with a gap between them making way for the third row. At the back, the third row also gets comfortable seating for adults with an equally nice view around. The best part is that there is a panoramic sunroof extending to the third row also. At the back, there is enough boot space for about 326 Litres and folding the third row (there are buttons for electronic functioning) will create massive room space.


While BMW offers many options, the Indian counterpart is unclear at present but the popular 30d variant can make its way anyway. It is a 2993 cc, 6-cylinder diesel engine that gives 265 PS and 620 Nm of torque, and cruises from 0 to 100 km in just 7 seconds. The more powerful diesel, the M50d can also come to India and it generates 400 PS and 760 Nm, that rises 5.4 seconds to get to 100 km. Other engine options may include a 6 cylinder and V8 petrol, and all variants come mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel-drive being standard.


The most impressive part is the agility it carries despite the massive structure. The best thing is that the SUV shrinks around the driver very easily creating a small car look. While the massive body runs very efficiently, the car cruises efficiently even in the sharp cuts. The steering is precise because of the power steering and there is complete control on the vehicle even at high times.

On a whole, one cannot turn their eye away from all-new X7 especially when it cruises through roads with flying speed. The option of two seats at second row will give a commanding feeling to the back seaters and can also accommodate two adults at third row comfortably.

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