Car features you don’t know about.


There are many features you might not know how to use, perhaps the six features related to the car, which you probably would have heard, yet do not know about them properly. However, the remarkable thing is that many of these features are such, without which any vehicle is useless. In such a situation, having half-incomplete knowledge of these features means that you do not know properly about your car’s capacity.

In this article, we will explain these six features of the car, after which you will never forget about its features. 

If you understand Captain’s seat in easy language, you remember the old chair on the verandah, on which the elders of the house used to sit and read the newspaper comfortably. Similarly, the car has a captain seat, on which only one man can sit. 

The Captain’s chair has armrests for holding hands, headrests for keeping the head, a high backrest to rest the back, and a separate Actra Comfort to support the thigh, which resembles a saddle on a horse. The Captain’s seat of the vehicle is foldable, which can be half or full folded. Captain seats are mostly in SUVs.

It is also called rotational force or twisting force. In layman language, if you have to open a bolt with a wrench, then the torque it takes to wrench the bolt is called torque. Understand the simple meaning; the pickup will also be higher in a vehicle with higher torque. For example, the shock you feel while accelerating a Royal Enfield bike, we call it torque.

This is a new technology that works on sensors. These sensors are mounted on the wheels of the car. When you brake suddenly, ABS activates. After this, it brakes slightly according to the requirement so that the wheel does not get jammed. This does not cause the vehicle to slip and cause an accident.

The automatic transmission is the oldest and reliable news found inexpensive vehicles. It is also traditionally called torque converter or conventional torque. It works on its own with the help of Hydraulics. That is, as the speed of the vehicle increases, it keeps changing gears. There are several types of automatic transmissions. These include AMT, CVT, DCT, DSG, and now iMT as well.

How fast a car can reach from one place to another, you can call it power. Now it is essential to understand the difference between torque and energy here. Let us know this as an example.

Torque- Suppose the distance from Point A to Point B is 2 kilometers. Any car can cover this distance at a slow speed with the help of torque. That is, a car cannot run without torque.

Force – How soon to decide the distance from point A to point B depends on the car’s power. If you understand in easy language, then the vehicle with more power will cover a distance of 2 kilometers faster.

RPM is called minutes on rotation. In straightforward language, there is a part inside the engine, which we call a crankshaft. This crankshaft rotates several times in a minute, and because of that, the piston which goes up and down is called RPM.

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