Cars Maintenance Tips for winter


what should i do to prepare my car for winter?

Cars Maintenance Tips:

Winter has arrived.It’s the season of icy roads, fogged streets, heavy snow and freezing temperature.During this season driving a vehicle is a great task.To go with the flow in this cold season the vehicle must itself get ready to face the hurdles and overcome them. This can be made a bit better by following some car Maintenance tips.


Make sure that the vehicle’s rear and tail lamps are in condition and gives utmost brightness because during winter evenings the sunsets early when compared to the normal days so the sparks of the lamp make the drive much more easier.


Due to chilled temperature the tires of the vehicle burst out automatically.So, while the start of  journey once make sure that the tires are in proper condition.


Make sure the fuel that is used to ignite the engine is antifreeze because due to outside temperature there are chances of getting frozen and leaked.


Foggy mornings cover the windscreen with tiny droplets of mist.So,start some 10-15 minutes earlier so you can reach the destination on time.Don’t forget to drive out all that mist at the start of ride from the screen.


winter due to additional usage of heaters and lights there adds additional strain on the vehicle’s battery which may reduce its lifespan.So,the battery usage must be kept in check.

It’s better to carry an additional tool kit with us as there are many chances of winter breakdown.


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