Renault Captur -Specs N Features

nbeatable Renault capture specifications: Renault is a French multinational flourished by the Indian Team. Renault Capture was the high-end upshot from the Renault group. Its ideal oddity includes dual airbags, ABS, alloy wheels. The core features encompass leather seats, cruise control, hill start assist, LED head lamps, fog lamps with cornering features, …


Hyundai Tucson – Specs N Features

  The fountainhead of Hyundai is South Korea.Had its debut in India during 1990’s.The Korean automaker is presenting Hyundai Tucson kick off at 18 lakhs up to 23 lakhs. It’s housed with 5 exquisite leather cloaking seats. In India its transfigured both with petrol and diesel. The oil burner is …


Avail New Tata Breed -Hexa Downtown @ 12.18 Lakhs

Tata Motors pitched off a new array “Hexa Downtown”-a narrow version. Inspite of varied vigilance there’s evident vain regarding updated profile. Tata Hexa the existing SUV is relaunched on 3rd November i.e., on Friday. The value of the motor is tagged as 12.18 Lakhs. Along with the pre-existing operating system …


Audi Calls Back 5000 Cars For Update

Audi would like to modernize the A8 model and release them in the initial quater of 2018 after winter test drive. The idea of modernization burst out due to the superfluous outflow of Nitrogen oxide – a toxic carcinogenic agent. About 4997 are in a queue to get renovated, off …


Porsche -911 in INDIA (specs & features)

        *Porsche 911*- Porsche 911 is a giant staging elegant German sports car. 911 incepted in 1960’s and endured the zenith of automotive realm while being veritable to its cradle. It seems to be lavish making a neophyte feel like a sprinter. it retains a rack pinion …


Ford Ecosport SUV- 10 Variants, features and specs

Ecosport SUV was ushered by a megacorp “Ford”. It tolls about 7.5 lakhs. The engine is about 1.0 litre 123.24 bhp 12v. Petrol is used as a fuel for the ignition of this EcoBoost engine.Its top speed is marked as 180 kph with 3 cylinders each one having 4 valves. …


The New Volkswagen Passat 2017 India   Volkswagen Passat 2017India        Volkswagen a German car Maker got threshold over India in 2001 with the instigation of SKODA. Now it came to a point at which it would commercialize Volkswagen Passat 2017 in Indian Market. VW India Passat-A priced at 30 lakhs. It’s accessible in …


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