Few easy tips for your car which can make it look new everytime


Buying a car is a dream for every family and individual irrespective of the social status. Every middle-class family sees it as a part of their family whereas a rich person can see it as a hobby, similarly, a low-class person sees their car as a way of income. In any case, the matter is about passion towards their car but taking care of their love is also a responsibility. This has been a problem for every social sector may be due to the lack of knowledge or negligence.

Like it is always told “Precautions are better than curing” which can be applied to our cars also. For these precautions, we don’t need any heavy equipment just a few basic techniques and caring. These are few tips which can help you to preserve your car looks:

Sun Protection:

It is obvious that dark colours mainly black colour absorbs maximum heat. So, it is advisable to avoid buying darker shades though we know that dark colours dominate the road but so the cost of maintenance. It is advisable to create enough garage space and if there’s not one, take care that there’s a shaded space. If all these are not possible, at least try to cover with a cover which doesn’t cost much. Make sure that there should be enough space at your home so that maximum radiation is not concentrated on your vehicle.

Regular Wash:

Bathing makes our body fresh similarly washing your car regularly can make it heating free form other radiations or overheat. Now, we don’t know when there would be a meet or gathering and we can’t wash it on spot right?

So, washing it regularly when you have free time can make your car look new every time. Even though washing our car regularly, taking it to a carwash showroom can also be helpful. As we are not an expert, taking it to a carwash can make it clean underbody also. Even washing your car can be a nice exercise. You don’t need lots of buckets of water, just two buckets of water for regular wash and monthly a carwash in the showroom.

Generally, we see people washing their cars with hair shampoos and detergents which can be harmful to the car’s paint. There are many car wash shampoos in the market which have a mild reaction towards the paint.

It is even advised to have a wax coating for your vehicle at regular intervals for every 3 months. This can make your car’s paint sustain for more time.

Cloth Use:

Generally, we use some old clothes for washing or cleaning our cars. This can be a problem while cleaning as the cloth may be rough and can leave scratches on the body.

using microfibre clothes is advised for cleaning and even using separate clothes for the exterior body, interiors and even dusting. Though, we use separate clothes for wet and dry cleaning and using the same cloth for both

Natasha Johnson, 100th Force Support Squadron Auto Hobby Shop receptionist from Steilacoom, Wash., demonstrates how drinking a soda means she is unable to keep both hands on the wheel so is slower to react to an emergency March 6, 2015, on RAF Mildenhall, England. Drivers should make every effort to eliminate distractions while driving. (U.S. Air Force photo by Gina Randall/Released)is not advisable.

microfibre clothes are not too costly and can range from Rs200 to Rs 250. It is recommended that washing or cleaning cars under the hot sun or during extreme hotness can be harmful. Washing, under hot conditions, can leave wet marks on the glasses which would increase the work.


Damaged car parts and prolonging their repairs is not advisable. This creates for faster decaying of the parts. The parts to be repaired get more exposed to weather conditions and can rust faster. This can affect other parts if prolonged their repair and they can eat up paint also. It is advisable to keep a regular check on hidden parts under the bumpers and the hood.

Dine out:

Strictly avoid eating inside the car though it has been a regular habit of eating in the car on our way to the destination. This could be a problem as all your effortful cleaning would go in vain. If a cool drink or a coffee is spilt on the upholstery of the car, it would be even more dangerous as it will leave stains. It is advisbale to keep a trash bag in your car which could help to store all your garbage and still stay without bad odour.

Watch your shoes and Vaccum:

The biggest and evident source of dust and dirt would be our shoes. They play a key role in carrying dirt into our car. This biggest problem can be solved easily just by a small tap before going into the car. It is advisable to clean your shoes by rubbing them against the ground or tap it against the wall before going into the car.

No matter how much ever you clean your car with a cloth inside, there would minor sized particles left which can’t be cleaned easily. So, vacuum cleaning is very much recommended.  So, it is advisable to keep a small handy vacuum cleaner in the car at least for long journeys.

Get Detailing:

Detailing is not a new thing for a vehicles while it is not even a known or concentrated thing for car users. Detailing your car according to the fashion in the market can be advisable as it makes the car look new irrespective of its period. The detailing will also eliminate small scratches and is recommended for every twice or at least once a year.

Detailing could be a little bit costly but still, it is worth doing so and it even depends on the car over a long run.

Teflon /Ceramic Coating:

Teflon coating is not a new thing for every vehicle we see it happening for every new car while goes out. But not just for the first time, it really advisable to have a coat at least once a year.

Ceramic coating is a spray of hard substance which is used for creating for the hard protective layer over the paint. While the Teflon coat isn’t very durable and wears off easily under hard conditions.



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