Few ways to protect your car from rising temperatures


Summer has come and we all can sense that but do our car also suffering from the heat. Literally, it’s been just march and the sun is showing its maximum power. Just imagine if we humans are not able to tolerate what our cars that stand on tar roads in hot summer for long hours.

Another aspect is the slow moving traffic. Being in a populated city and moving under hot sun can speed your car age. Long waits on roads can increase inner temperatures of your car causing irreparable damage. So we come with tips and precautions to protect your car from high temperatures and warm cabins.

1. Air-Conditioning:

The biggest load handling equipment is the A/C unit. During these peak times, there are many situations where the unit may get damaged. coolant leaks, pipe break down, etc. We recommend you to go for regular oil top-ups to ensure a smooth running of your A/C unit.

Generally, parking for long hours under the direct sun makes the car’s cabin hotter than outside. Naturally, complaints pop-up saying that the A/C unit isn’t efficient enough. Under such situations, first, open the doors and let hot air escapes and after few minutes switch your A/C ‘ON’ and that can helpful and wise enough.

2. Polish:

Generally, cars come with a protective paint coat during delivery but for summer we need much more. Choosing a perfect wax- protective polish coating is necessary. In General, we believe that paint will serve the purpose but remember sun rays can surpass that too. Choosing the right value of protective coating is a must in order to reduce heat absorption. Wax coating helps to reflect a considerable amount of heat from the surface of the car and helps in decreasing the inner heat. So choose the right type of polish coat before the summer actually arrive.

3. Tires:

The most dynamic part of the vehicle and the most taken for granted too. Unfortunately, tires are the most neglected parts of the car. In this hot summer, one cannot guarantee the efficiency of the tires, especially in afternoons. Some people don’t even know the correct pressure to be maintained. Many of us do not keep a regular track of the air pressure. There can be times when the air completely goes off and can cause damages. In fact, during summers poor inflation can lead to faster deterioration of tires. Furthermore, low pressure for a long time can damage the sidewalls since the soft rubber is more dangerous.

Maintaining air pressure is also important for smooth movement too. Decreasing of pressure in the tires can lead to sudden blasting of tires also. Long exposure to sunlight may decrease the inner pressure to complete zero in important times.

4. Engine:

The most heating unit is the chassis. Continuous energy supply, combustion, and extraction can cause rise temperatures very quickly. In such extreme cases, the engine oils and other fluids may get evaporated faster. The engine oil especially can go out of levels very faster due to overheating.

So we recommend you to top-up engine oil regularly. It will be well appreciated if the present oil is drained and oil with more viscosity is put in place. Also, sudden brakes and movement can cause easy vaporization of braking fluids also. So, do take care that brake oils, coolant fluids, and engine oils are regularly checked and filled up. Coolant levels should be checked too. Due to continuous heat supply engine can overheat during these summers, so efficient coolant should be used.

5. Battery:

Overheat can have multiple effects on battery life and performance. Excessive heat can create multiple problems leading to faster damage. The fluids in the battery can easily evaporate and understanding the location of the battery exactly very near to the engine heat can easily accumulate there.

Overheating can cause more reactions and can cause overcharging also. Keep a regular check on battery terminals for any dirt that can faster corrosion. Most cars come with zero-maintenance but if your car is not the one has a regularly distilled water top-ups. Also, do check the cables and their position and high temperature can cause short-circuit too.

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