New Changes Pollution Under Control Certificate Rules


There will be significant changes in the Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate rules. This will not only benefit the environment but will also reduce the incidence of vehicle theft. The Ministry of Roads and Transport wants to change the practices soon and issue a PUC certificate for all vehicles. According to media reports, the government may soon implement a QR code system for PUC, including all information related to the car. These will include the vehicle’s registration number from the vehicle owner’s name.
According to reports, before the process of PUC starts, an SMS will be sent to the vehicle owner’s registered mobile number, which will be system generated. This will let the vehicle owner know immediately that the PUC process of his vehicle has started. For this entire process, the government will change the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, for which the Ministry has proposed. If the process of PUC is altered, it will also prevent the theft of vehicles. To get a PUC certificate of the vehicle, the stolen vehicle will also have to be taken to the testing center. With this, once the QR code is scanned, its information will reach the vehicle’s real owner. This will let the vehicle owner know immediately at which center of his car the PUC certificate is being made.

According to the reports, a provision has been made to cancel the PUC certificate in the government’s proposal. However, the vehicle owner will also be given a reason for this. The proposal states that if the Enforcement Officer feels that the vehicle’s emission level is not as per the prescribed standard, he can cancel the PUC certificate application. But for this, the car will have to give this information in writing. The government has sought an opinion from the people for this proposal.

According to this new proposal, if the vehicle owner does not submit his vehicle for a permit, he may have to pay a fine under the Motor Vehicles Act. For this, the vehicle owner may face a fine of up to Rs. 10,000 or jail for three months.

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