Phantom from Rolls Royce, tags with Tranquility.


Rolls Royce launches its all new Phantom Tranquility. Rolls Royce desn’t have to be introduced to anyone. The brand name itself gets you lots of value. Recently Rolls Royce has updated its flagship luxury sedan Phantom to a whole new level.

Incidentally, With the debut at the Geneva Motor Show, The car will be entering into its eighth generation. After nearly 14 years phantom has made an entry into the market again. Despite being modern, Rolls Royce has maintained the traditional outlook of the car same.

Coming to the body, the phantom is majestic as it should be in spite of having significant changes around the body. On the front, The signature silver accent grille merges with the body in spite of being majestic as usual, The traditional distinct headlight units are replaced by the all new LED treated projector units similar to the ghost. Overall on the front, the phantom looks more modern with the ghost elements blending with phantom DNA.

Design Looks:

Looking inside one can spend his whole life admiring them. Surprisingly, The front is more equipped assisting the drive one also now. the rich and spacious interiors give us heaven like feeling. From the beautifully hand-stitched leather upholstery to the fine grain dashboard, everything has quality, luxury tag with them. The dashboard stands the main attraction with a whole lot of equipment, information, and art embedded behind the glass panel. The best thing is that the dashboard is customizable from the best artist of our own choice. It can be said that there is a perfect blend of luxury, art, and technology.


The long foot space and every detail oozing out luxury will make us happy to the end of the world. What fascinates is the silence in the cabin in spite of having heavily refined aluminum chassis. The LED treated starlight roof imagines us of looking at sky making it a perfect place to think while cruising.

Despite being more than 2 tonnes in weight, riding this car is purely effortless. Experts say that its all about the low pulse rate travel makes the magic.

There is a V-12 6.75L petrol engine making it a palace on wheels that produces 571PS of power and 900Nm of torque.


The special edition of the all-new phantom which is only 25 units in limit. The special edition of this phantom is inspired by the outer space. The white color luxury sedan runs on the road just like a rocket into space. Other than that, the majestic look remains the same.

It is the interiors that make the difference. The LED treated roof is blackened. While the phantom resembles the sky, the tranquility version reminds us of the space. The interesting part is the cabin dashboard again as it comes with a blend of art this time.

The dashboard is designed using the X-Ray coded aperture masks used on the British Skylark space rocket. the pattern is mathematically reconstructed from the coded shadow and rendered in highly reflective stainless steel, 24-karat gold plating and space grade aluminium.

On the other hand, apart from the dashboard there are golden accents all around the car too from gold plated titanium clock to the speakers as well.

The seating is given white upholstery contradicting the black starlight roof. But the disappointing thing is that all the 25 units are already sold out and we all know what is the reason.

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