Standard features that should be available in every car


In this field of automobile marketing every automaker, customer, and analyst has their own theory of describing a standard automobile and its features. Some say performance, gadgets and some put weight on overall cost, luxury or even safety. Though the perspective satisfies the need, there is a general view of what is a standard automobile.

Today, when we go out and watch, we find that the major vehicles running are below the 10lakh price tag and majorly the models are hatchbacks, mid-range sedans. When the customers go specifically about the requirement in the cars there is a comparison on many other features. In this manner, every car lacks some of the other features. So, basically, every mid-range car provides one kind feature list extensively on the cost of other basic features.

We list some of the basic features that should be available in every car.


Dual Airbags:

Saving lives is the prior most factor why people switch from two-wheeler to a four-wheeler. While the body can protect primarily, there should be more safety precautions and airbags are primary most for it. airbags, at least for the front passengers where mostly the head/ important person of the family sits. Presently, Eastern companies like Toyota, Hyundai have started to align their models while standard automakers like Suzuki are finding bigger ways in this terms.



Anti-Locking Braking System:


This system is basically formulated to stop the wheels of your car under intensive braking moves. This makes the car come under total halt at a faster pace. As per safety goes, this model does play a key role and we can also see it in almost every hatchback. Bigger automobiles on the road often pair other systems like CSC, EBD with ABS.




ISOFIX Anchorages:


The main aim of this feature is the extra attachment of baby seats. In India basically, this features lacks almost in every model but is available as an extra feature. This feature helps to attach a baby seat and reduces the bumpy impact so that children don’t feel bad about the journey.






Rear Door Child Lock:


This feature is more or less available in every automobile irrespective of its range. This makes the rear door locked and cannot be opened from inside. This is a very important safety feature that helps the journey by controlling the children actions on the rear. This obviously makes the elders less conscious on child safety as they can concentrate on better driving.




Day and Night IRVM:


Today, the traffic has grown very much and furthermore, the traffic halts especially in the night make the drivers worry with the high beam lights coming either from the back or from the traffic opposite to you. This cause temporary blindness that makes the way unclear. In this case, the inner rear view mirrors can help the driver to reduce the high glaring beam lights from the cars at the back.



Internally adjustable wing mirrors:


Gone are the days when the drivers used to struggle with the side view mirrors alignments. they used to stop cars, check them, move them stretching their hands and some of them do while driving also which could make more problems in a busy and squeezy traffic. There are cars in India with this arrangement that enables the passengers to adjust their side view mirrors internally with a knob on the front doors. But, the entry level cars still need to have this kind of systems. Suzuki is offering this technique in every model starting with the launch of its ertiga.



Air Conditioning:

India is a tropical country where the temperature rises heavily and rapidly, thus air conditioning not only helps in the comfort of the passengers but also help in longer concentration while driving. Though this is not a feature to specified there are models like Alto 800, Datsun Go which offer this feature as optional.





Power steering:


Today, the movement of cars is not a big deal in this heavy traffic arena where a small tilt on the steering causes the car to move much forward. Gone are the days, where the car drivers had to rotate the steering while very heard to give full rotation. Even the from the ladies point of view the power steering helps in the painless movement of the car.





Central door locking:


This is not a very exclusive feature as its name says. This is just a small one button all door locking systems which should be present in every car that not only gives a command for the driver but also a safety feature for the rear passengers who forget to lock their door. Cars have started to have had central locking as the car starts to move.



Power windows:


This is a feature that is growing its demand much more. Entry level hatchbacks mostly from Suzuki come with front power windows and manual rear windows. Though the premium hatchbacks and entry-level hatchback in some companies provide all power windows, this should become a standard feature on all range of vehicles.




Music system:



Though the basic music radio system is available in every car and every range there should be much more added to the music system like AUX, USB connections. Now, the features have grown to Bluetooth setup and call facility totally making it an infotainment system. The radio system should be stopped and music systems with AUX, USB, Bluetooth, and CD, DVD inserts should be standardized. Many companies have started to make touchscreen music systems as standard.




Engine immobilizer:


This feature lets the car be protected from the people who open them with wires or other keys. This system enables the opening process only during the insertion of the correct key. This is the first and foremost safety feature of the car security. This should be available as standard as the growing car numbers on the roads can cause a need of security for it too as it stands whole day on the side of a busy road.






12V socket:

Mobile phones have also grown more as they now have integration facility with the car’s systems. So, charging of phones does play a role even for applications like long journies to remote places. So, there can be a provision of a 12V socket on the dashboard for this purpose which is not a heavy thing to do so.






Though seatbelts have become standard, the technology they carry should be standardized. The pretensions mechanism tightens the passenger as there is sudden speed drop detected. On the hand, the load limiters reduce the chest pressure when there is a sudden movement towards the front.






Three-point seatbelts and height adjustable seatbelts:



The seatbelts in the car should have the height adjustment facility irrespective of the range of the model. It is necessary for taller people where seatbelts come to their shoulders and can cause rupture during an emergency.

The seatbelts system that general cars have are not three-point type and they are only available in top ranges. This system incorporates a three-way going seatbelt for the passengers. So, there should be a three-point seatbelt facility as standard one even in entry-level hatchbacks. This feature should be available at least for the front passengers.



This long list gives a conscious feeling of enhancement of features. This list of features should be available in every automobile as per safety and utility are considered.



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