SUV from Ford and Mahindra collaboration, will be a Mid-range one.

There will an all-new SUV from Mahindra in an interesting venture. Mahindra is coming up with many collaborations into the Indian sector. Recently, Mahindra has launched another model under its badge. The Aultrus G4 has come to India under Mahindra’s badge. The model is taken from its sister company Ssangyong. …


Ford Ecosport SUV- 10 Variants, features and specs

Ecosport SUV was ushered by a megacorp “Ford”. It tolls about 7.5 lakhs. The engine is about 1.0 litre 123.24 bhp 12v. Petrol is used as a fuel for the ignition of this EcoBoost engine.Its top speed is marked as 180 kph with 3 cylinders each one having 4 valves. …


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