Harrier, a Mid- Range SUV from Tata after a long time

Tata Motors has launched its all-new Mid range SUV Harrier. Tata is very close to many middle-class sectors and heavy-duty vehicle sectors of the society. From salt to steel Tata has its unique mark in every field including automobiles. With a rapid change in the automotive sector, especially in the design section. Tata …


Best Mileage cars in India 2017 | Top 5 fuel efficient cars

The very first question a buyer rises when he choose a vehicle to buy is ” What’s the engine efficiency?”.This question is just to make less number of visits to fuel checkpoint.Generally, the fuel efficiency of the engine depends on the locality of usage, like it changes from the city …


Avail New Tata Breed -Hexa Downtown @ 12.18 Lakhs

Tata Motors pitched off a new array “Hexa Downtown”-a narrow version. Inspite of varied vigilance there’s evident vain regarding updated profile. Tata Hexa the existing SUV is relaunched on 3rd November i.e., on Friday. The value of the motor is tagged as 12.18 Lakhs. Along with the pre-existing operating system …


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